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getting fired from your own company getting fired from your own company
Business3 weeks ago

5 Tips To Avoid Getting Fired From The Company You Started (From A Founder)

Tero Isokauppila Tero Isokauppila

You’d think if you went through the trials and tribulations of launching a startup, you’d at least get to run...

cost of college education cost of college education
Money3 weeks ago

How Much Should Getting A College Education Really Cost?

Fadl Al Tarzi Fadl Al Tarzi

It’s no secret that obtaining a college degree today is dangerously, illogically expensive. But a quick look at just how expensive it’s...

Tech problem-solving Tech problem-solving
Business4 weeks ago

The 1 Problem-Solving Strategy Tech Companies Always Overlook

Brian Sweeney Brian Sweeney

The tech sector’s Achilles heel is often the very thing that makes is such an innovative space—its love of the...

careers in clean energy careers in clean energy
Business1 month ago

Looking For A Long-Term Career? Here’s Why Clean Energy’s A Good Place To Start

Jigar Shah Jigar Shah

What constitutes a “career” has changed drastically over the years. With the rise of the gig economy, especially, the days...

change careers change careers
Business1 month ago

I’ve Worked In Banking, Recruiting, Software, And More. This Is The Advice I’d Give Anyone Who Wants To Change Careers

Brandon Metcalf Brandon Metcalf

As a kid, I wanted to be a cop. And then an Air Force pilot. But in high school, I...

raising a Series B round raising a Series B round
Business2 months ago

The 1 Step That Took My Company From An $8 Million Series A To A $55 Million Series B

Heidi Zak Heidi Zak

When you’re raising your seed round, and often your Series A, you spend a lot of time explaining your company...

entrepreneurs move the needle entrepreneurs move the needle
Business2 months ago

If You’re Working To Move The Needle, Make Sure It’s The Right One

Brian D. Evans Brian D. Evans

Information overload is a very real hazard when picking up a new hobby or skill. Every activity, from marketing to...

A person giving advice on a bench at sunset. A person giving advice on a bench at sunset.
Features2 months ago

6 Pieces Of Advice For My 18-Year-Old Self

Amy Stanton Amy Stanton

After 13 years of running my marketing and PR agency, Stanton & Company, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been through...

working and grinding late at night working and grinding late at night
Business2 months ago

Why Grinding Toward Your Goals Is Keeping You From Success

Brian D. Evans Brian D. Evans

The most common advice I hear about how to be successful is “grind, grind, grind.” But when I hear the...

Business2 months ago

3 Ways To Soothe Your Monkey Mind And Achieve Inner Peace

Richard Newman Richard Newman

For most of my career, I’ve helped people get past their fear of public speaking by working on their style...


People7 months ago

How To Deal With Massive Life Changes: 5 Thoughtful Tips

Matthew Jones Matthew Jones

We all deal with major life changes—it’s part of being human.  Whether it’s death, changing jobs, re-locating, or another significant event, each...

People7 months ago

Discover Who Your True Friends Are: 5 Things You Should Pay Close Attention To

Matthew Jones Matthew Jones

Capitalism turns people into commodities. People, in all of their complexities, get reduced to titles, net worth, and are only viewed...

Marketing7 months ago

I Will No Longer Be A Millennial Hand Grenade

Dan Moore Dan Moore

The other morning I woke to a bombardment of millennial tropes. They came from my timelines and news feeds, my...

Personal Growth7 months ago

Why Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just For Young People

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

You’ve heard the term “mid-life crisis.” It’s that time in every person’s life when they wake up one morning, their...

Business7 months ago

How To Build Your Company Profile: Thought Leadership Solves These 6 Marketing Challenges

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

The term "thought leadership" is a fairly new one in the marketing world.

Business7 months ago

The Modern Day Resumé Is Missing This 1 Crucial Thing

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

A resume is nothing but a list of skills. Here's what's missing.

Business7 months ago

Failure Isn’t A Mistake. It Teaches You These 6 Incredibly Valuable Lessons

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

This is precisely why improvement and growth is a process--not a destination.

Business7 months ago

The Golden Habit To Make Sundays Less Stressful, And Mondays More Productive

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

This 1 shift will immediately put you in a better mental state.

Business7 months ago

The 2 Best Social Platforms For Content Marketing In 2019

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

It's not your company blog, that's for sure.

Business7 months ago

7 Subtle Signs Someone Isn’t A Real Influencer On Social Media

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

That person with 1M followers? They might not be as influential as you think...

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